About Us

Coconut Creek Therapy is a certified Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility that has great success treating our patients and improving their quality of life. We are dedicated to our patient’s health and well-being. We spend quality time with our patients and teach them programs to ensure their success and encourage their independence.

At Coconut Creek Therapy, we successfully treat a variety of conditions and diagnoses. Click Here to read more about the services we provide.

Our therapists are all licensed in the state of Florida and hold many certifications in advanced therapy techniques. Our clinic is credentialed with major insurance companies and we are Medicare certified. We continually update our therapy programs and our staff attends continuing education courses and seminars regularly.

What to Expect-

At Coconut Creek Therapy, we work together as a team, with you, each-other, and sometimes other healthcare providers, to ensure you receive the most effective treatment. The success of your Physical Therapy program is dependent upon your cooperation once you leave the clinic. You will most likely be given a home exercise program or advice on posture, exercise, workplace, and lifestyle habits. Your dedication to the “homework” enhances the outcome of your Physical Therapy program and helps you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.


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