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Thank you for your interest in Coconut Creek Therapy!

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LightForceTM Pro Therapy Laser
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LightForce Pro Therapy Laser by LiteCure MedicalLightForce Pro Therapy Laser by LiteCure Medical

At Coconut Creek Therapy our physical and occupational therapists are dedicated to providing exceptional care in a friendly healing environment. We customize treatment programs that integrate the best manual therapy and rehabilitative techniques. Our goal is for our clients to attain the best functional outcome(s) possible.

Please contact us to set up an appointment and see how we can get started with your recovery! You can download the new patient forms to bring with you on your first visit. We look forward to seeing you.

In Florida, Physical Therapists have "direct access" and may treat patients without a referral from a physician. However, many insurance plans require a physician's referral. If your insurance plan requires a referral, you still have the right to choose your own physical therapist. Let your physician know your choice!

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