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“Went from not being able to sleep to pain free in 11 weeks!”

Went from not being able to sleep to pain free in 11 weeks. Thanks! Convenient, flexible and knew what  they were doing. I will be back after the next surgery.

Pat MacGregor

“Thank you for giving me my mobility back”

I came here with great pain in my thigh, unable to walk without that pain, and am leaving pain free!! The entire staff is accessible, helpful, talented and able to meet all needs. I heartily recommend them, each and every one. Thank you for giving me back my mobility!

Beryl Logan

“I feel safe again and rarely need my cane”

Falling and needing a cane are never fun. Up north, I must use a cane to be safe getting around. I cannot wait until I get to Florida to come to Coconut Creek Therapy for my PT. Within a week ot two, I feel safe again and rarely need my cane. Not only do I get around better, but I am amazed at how everyone improves over time. It would seem magical except that it is obvious how much dedication and concern the staff bring to their work. The weather draws me to Florida, but coming to PT and feeling such a great improvement in my balance and walking makes my time here so much safer and fun. None of the PT centers I have tried up north compare to Todd and staff!

Kate Henry

“I feel more capable of walking independently!”

I was fortunate enough to have met and worked with Coconut Creek Therapy last year in 2017. Almost immediately, I knew that I would only work with them in any future need, even though I needed to travel from several towns away to get there, because of their professional and compassionate manner along with their all-encompassing modalities used to help my pain.

Now, in 2018, this is second time back here because I needed extensive and consistent therapy strengthen and stabilize my recently broken right ankle, left elbow and left femur. Because of these numerous issues, time was, and still is the key to my success, coupled with the knowledge of the patient and encouraging staff at CCT. Equally vital to my success was the resident cheerleader, named Sophie, a loving Golden Retriever who greets, meets, and encourages every patient who enters CCT with her quiet and loving demeanor.

At the end of all our hard work together, I feel more capable of walking independently with greater assurance and less limping. Thank you Todd, Michelle, Ericka, Ivan and Chelsee!

Margarita Estevez

“Found the treatment here excellent”

Found the treatment here excellent! I’m sorry that my time has run out. It was a pleasure coming here twice a week for help to repair my bone fracture in my arm.

Hope Myers

I would readily recommend your service to anyone!

This is my second experience with Coconut Creek Therapy and, once again, it has been very positive. The staff is warm, professional and caring. I would readily recommend your service to anyone!

Paul Buonafede

“I can walk again with no pain”

My experience was wonderful! My leg feels much better and I can walk again with no pain.

If I need more therapy in the future for any other problem I would come here again, no questions asked. The staff is great and understand each individual person and their problem.

Rosie Quiles

“I can’t thank you all enough”

I can’ t thank you all enough!

Through your clinical expertise and empathy, you made my treatment as pleasurable as possible while returning me to my avocations as as a violinist and sportsman. I am sure that many others will share my wonderful results and satisfaction with them.

Bernard Mlaver
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